Old Drift Lodge

Old Drift Lodge boasts of its historical relevance as the original crossing point of the Zambezi River

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The luxurious nature of the Old Drift Lodge is crafted not through overt opulence but with an understated sophistication that aligns seamlessly with its surroundings. While the lodge offers all modern comforts, it does so while ensuring guests remain intricately connected to the wilderness. Its slight distance from Victoria Falls works to its advantage, providing a haven of peace and tranquillity. Guests can retreat here after a day of exploration, away from the typical noise and rush associated with tourism hotspots.

Furthermore, the lodge’s geographical setting within the Zambezi National Park positions it as a primary choice for those keen to explore the wild. The park, with its diverse fauna and unique ecosystems, provides a myriad of experiences for the discerning traveler. Whether it’s observing the unique behaviors of nocturnal creatures, tracking elusive predators, or simply marveling at the rich birdlife, the lodge’s location ensures guests are surrounded by the region’s many attractions without the need to travel.

Old Drift Lodge, Zimbabwe
Old Drift Lodge, Zimbabwe

Guest Rooms

Old Drift Lodge features 14 beautifully designed chalets. Inside, guests are welcomed by a spacious open-plan bedroom adorned with a four-poster mosquito net encircling either a king-size or twin beds. The intricate design elements include a seating area with plush armchairs, a wooden desk, a dresser, a minibar, and a tea and coffee station. Four chalets have an additional en-suite bedroom, making them suitable for families traveling with children.

Old Drift Lodge, Zimbabwe


At Old Drift Lodge, guests have the opportunity to engage in an array of carefully curated activities designed to offer an in-depth understanding of the region’s ecology and wildlife. Choose from game drives that offer keen insights into animal behavior, walking safaris on private reserves that prioritize environmental stewardship, aviation experiences in microlight aircraft for an aerial view of the landscape, or specially arranged interactions with elephants that focus on ethical engagement and conservation efforts.

Old Drift Lodge, Zimbabwe

Conservation and Sustainability

Old Drift Lodge prioritises community relations, notably via partnerships with Wild Horizons. Furthermore, bi-annual visits from qualified Environmental Officers serve to monitor soil erosion and biological impact within the Wild Horizons Wildlife Sanctuary.

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