Matusadona National Park

Rich in geological variance and biodiversity, Matusadona flanks Lake Kariba and is cushioned between the Ume and Sanyati rivers

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A crucial aspect of Matusadona’s uniqueness lies in its land-water interface. The park is dotted with numerous small bays known locally as “dzikanas,” where the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems overlap. These zones are of particular scientific interest due to the concentrated interaction between species: crocodiles bask on sun-soaked shores, while fish eagles patrol the skies above, scanning for their next meal.

Moreover, the park serves as an invaluable research ground for academics and conservationists alike. Its varying landscapes and water systems offer fertile ground for studies on ecology, zoology, and hydrology. Observational research on elephant behavior, conducted within the park, has made pivotal contributions to broader discussions on human-wildlife conflict and coexistence strategies.

Matusadona, Zimbabwe
Matusadona National Park

Best Time To Visit: Matusadona National Park

While Matusadona remains open throughout the year, seasonal variations offer unique visitor experiences. The dry season from April to October affords easier wildlife spotting due to sparse vegetation and animal congregation near water sources. Contrastingly, the wet season from November to March allows for bird-watching of migratory species, accentuating the park’s role as a critical avian habitat.

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Venturing into Matusadona offers a mix of terrestrial and aquatic experiences. Game drives present an opportunity to witness the wildlife up close. Yet, the true essence of Matusadona lies in its water-based adventures. Boating provides a unique perspective of the park’s shoreline, often accompanied by the sight of hippos and crocodiles. For the keen angler, fishing in these waters promises both thrill and tranquillity.

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Conservation Projects

Underpinning the beauty of Matusadona are the dedicated conservation efforts to ensure its survival. A notable initiative is the strategic management agreement with African Parks, a partnership that aims to secure a sustainable future for the park’s flora, fauna, and the communities that depend on them.

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Connectivity and logistics

To reach Matusadona National Park, one can fly into Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, and then take a charter flight to the park. Given its remote location, early planning and consultation is essential for a seamless journey into this unique landscape.

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