Mana Pools

Where the Zambezi shapes one of the continent’s finest safari destinations

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But a safari in Mana Pools isn’t just about the game you see; it’s about how you perceive it. Visitors are afforded the opportunity to stay in unfenced camps and lodges, thereby experiencing the bush in its rawest form. Rather than a mechanical hum, imagine treading softly through the grass on a walking safari, or gliding silently in a canoe across calm waters. The Zambezi is not just a scenic backdrop, but a gateway for multi-day canoe trails, as travelers embark on voyages staying in transient fly camps.

Zimbabwean safaris stand out for their exemplary guiding. Knowledgeable, passionate guides cultivate a deep-seated understanding of the ecosystem, ensuring that guests don’t just see, but truly comprehend and respect the wilderness. Geologically, Mana Pools sits on Africa’s Great Rift Valley, a monumental crack in the Earth’s crust, adding layers of topographical and ecological depth to the park’s significance.

Wild Dog, Mana Pools

Best Time To Visit: Mana Pools

Mana Pools shines brightest between June and October, during the dry season. This period witnesses large animal congregations around the park’s water sources, offering optimal game viewing. Outside this window, the wet season introduces a fresh palette of flora, ensuring a scenic albeit different wildlife experience.

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Mana Pools National Park offers a myriad of activities tailored to the intrepid traveler. Revel in traditional game drives, spotting creatures big and small. For the more adventurous, walking safaris take you closer to the ground, sensing the bush’s pulse beneath your feet. For a truly immersive wilderness experience, fly camping and canoeing allow you to tread lightly and relish in nature’s uninterrupted serenity.

Vundu Camp

Conservation Projects

Mana Pools takes pride in its commitment to conservation. Notable initiatives such as the “African Wildlife Conservation Fund” have been instrumental in preserving the park’s painted wolves. Moreover, collaborative efforts with local communities bolster conservation and ensure that this treasured ecosystem endures for generations.

Little Vundu Camp

Connectivity and logistics

Reaching Mana Pools National Park involves flying into Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, followed by a charter flight to the park. While the journey might seem lengthy, the untouched beauty and unmatched game-viewing potential of Mana Pools make every mile worth it.

Namatusi Camp

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