Queen Elizabeth NP

Home to a truly bewildering range of biodiversity, characterized by an array of ecosystems—grasslands, woodlands, tropical forests, and both freshwater and saline lakes

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An additional focal point within the park is the Kyambura Gorge, home to a singular family of 29 chimpanzees. This troop is especially intriguing due to its isolation, brought upon by factors such as deforestation and community intrusion in the Albertine Rift. These circumstances have limited their territory, resulting in increased human-chimpanzee conflicts that underscore the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Set within the expansive terrain of the African rift valleys, Queen Elizabeth National Park offers a geological and topographical narrative reflective of Earth’s dynamic history. The park and its surrounding areas have been inhabited by indigenous communities whose lives are inextricably linked with the land. However, these communities currently face substantial socio-economic challenges, which have resulted in human-wildlife conflicts that imperil the ecosystem’s stability.

Elephants of Kazinga Channel

Best Time To Visit: Queen Elizabeth National Park

The park is most accessible for wildlife observation during its dry seasons, specifically from June to August and December to February. However, the wetter months offer an alternative experience characterized by lush landscapes and reduced tourist traffic.

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Activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park cover a variety of interests. Game drives in the Ishasha sector offer close-up views of diverse wildlife, including the area’s unique lions. Boat cruises on the Kazinga Channel are ideal for bird and aquatic life observation. For those interested in primates, chimpanzee trekking is available in Kyambura Gorge. Each activity provides a different way to explore the park’s rich ecosystem.

Kyambura Gorge Lodge

Conservation Projects

Noteworthy conservation initiatives, such as The Lion Research Project and the Volcanoes Partnership Trust, aim to ensure the long-term viability of the park’s unique biodiversity and work towards achieving a sustainable equilibrium between community needs and environmental preservation.

Kyambura Gorge Lodge

Connectivity and logistics

Accessibility to Queen Elizabeth National Park is facilitated by flights arriving at the proximal Kasese Airport. From the airport, a relatively brief road journey acquaints visitors with Uganda’s scenic vistas en route to the park’s entrance.

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