Gorilla Forest Camp

Gorilla Forest Camp provides guests with optimal access to some of Uganda’s most renowned wildlife experiences

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Managed by Sanctuary Retreats, Gorilla Forest Camp adheres to a philosophy that luxury and environmental responsibility should coexist. Guests can expect amenities that satisfy their desire for comfort while respecting the ecological integrity of the area. For instance, waste management and energy use are carefully monitored to ensure minimal environmental impact.

Certainly, the management by Sanctuary Retreats ensures that Gorilla Forest Camp operates with a level of professionalism and service consistency that many travelers find reassuring. However, it’s worth considering that this structured management style may offer a different flavor of hospitality compared to more locally owned and run lodges, which often provide a more personalized touch. When choosing where to stay, prospective guests should reflect on their own preferences for service and ambiance to find the right match for their travel experience.

Gorilla Forest Camp, Uganda
Gorilla Forest Camp, Uganda

Guest Rooms

The camp comprises eight elevated tents, each providing panoramic vistas of the adjoining forest. The interiors are furnished to meet high standards of luxury and functionality. The bathrooms, in particular, are a point of focus, constructed with quality materials that are locally sourced, contributing to sustainability goals without sacrificing comfort or aesthetics.

Gorilla Forest Camp, Uganda


While gorilla trekking remains a key draw, Gorilla Forest Camp provides a spectrum of additional experiences to enrich the visitor’s understanding of the area’s ecosystem. Guided walks, often led by experts in the field, offer a deeper understanding of the diverse flora and fauna. Beyond nature walks, guests have opportunities to engage with local community projects and conservation initiatives, adding layers of depth and context to their experience.

Gorilla Forest Camp, Uganda

Conservation and Sustainability

Sustainability isn’t an afterthought at Gorilla Forest Camp; it’s an integral aspect of its operations. The camp has formed strategic partnerships with organizations such as Bwindi Community Hospital and Ride 4 A Woman. These collaborations reflect a multifaceted approach to responsible tourism that encompasses both environmental conservation and social upliftment.

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