Managing Director

Paul Callcutt

Paul’s extensive background as a guide in Africa and South America forms the foundation of Fitzroy’s unique travel experiences. His journey began in Zambia during his teenage years, where he contributed to the revival of a key wildlife center. This project highlighted the impact of responsible tourism facilities and forged significant connections in the conservation community. Among these was a role in monitoring wildlife populations in Zambia’s Kafue National Park, where he spent months in a straightforward tented camp, gaining insights into the park’s ecosystem.

Paul’s travels then took him to South America, where he led expeditions across Patagonia’s mountains, Bolivia’s altiplano, and the Cordillera Blanca in Peru. In the Andes, he played a pivotal role in rejuvenating a mountain lodge, employing and training locals from the Quechua community, many of whom have since advanced in the tourism sector.

Today, Paul’s expertise is integral to Fitzroy’s operations. Splitting his time between the UK and various destinations, he personally guides select client trips and scouts new regions. His experiences enable Fitzroy to offer sophisticated itineraries, deeply rooted in the authentic essence of each destination, tailored for those who seek a deeper understanding and experience of the places they visit.

Our Approach

Remote, Exclusive, Seamless

At Fitzroy, we emphasize personal interactions and a bespoke service from start to finish, valuing traditional engagement methods over digital communication. As primarily an offline business, we focus on face-to-face and telephone consultations to provide tailored guidance based on your unique interests.

We invite you to contact us for a meeting or telephone conversation, allowing us to understand and craft your travel plans to meet your specific expectations and preferences.

To You By Design