Mountain gorillas and big five safaris in ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills”

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The tale of Rwanda is incomplete without delving into the metropolis of Kigali. More than just a capital, Kigali epitomizes the Rwandan renaissance. From the scars of a tumultuous past, it has burgeoned into one of the safest cities in The World and a regional center for innovation. The methods underpinning this transformation, though controversial, have been undeniably effective, making Kigali an exemplar in urban and social rejuvenation.

Amid all its advancements, Rwanda consistently communicates a singular narrative: there’s more to its land than just the majestic mountain gorillas. The reintroduction of rhinos into Akagera National Park amplifies this message. This ambitious conservation endeavor doesn’t just bolster biodiversity but also diversifies the country’s tourism offering, ensuring travellers perceive Rwanda as a multifaceted safari destination.

Best time to visit Rwanda

Rwanda’s positioning near the equator ensures a generally mild climate throughout the year. Yet, for those aiming for optimal wildlife experiences, especially gorilla trekking, the dry months between June to October are most ideal. The wetter seasons, on the other hand, offer a different charm with verdant landscapes, reduced crowds, and potentially enhanced photographic opportunities.

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