Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast in Namibia is a stark, fog-laden landscape where the harsh Namib Desert meets the Atlantic, inhabited by resilient wildlife and the culturally rich, semi-nomadic Himba people

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The indigenous Himba people reside predominantly in northern Namibia, specifically in the Kunene Region, and are semi-nomadic pastoralists. They rely mainly on livestock farming, including cattle, fat-tailed sheep, and goats. Additionally, they cultivate rain-fed crops such as maize and millet. The Himba maintain traditional homesteads (ongandas), consisting of a circular hamlet of huts and work shelters, which are central to their cultural practices and ancestral veneration​​.

Despite maintaining a distinct cultural lifestyle, the Himba are socially dynamic and interact with urban cultures, particularly in the Kunene Region capital of Opuwo. They have faced significant challenges, such as severe droughts and political conflicts in the 1980s, which drastically affected their way of life. More recently, they have actively participated in protesting against developments that threaten their ancestral lands and way of life, such as the proposed hydroelectric dam along the Kunene River​​.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Best Time To Visit: Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast in Namibia is an all-year destination, with each season offering unique experiences. The best time to visit is during the warmer months from October to March, which feature clearer skies, less morning fog, and warmer nights. While wildlife viewing is less productive during these months at Etosha National Park, the Skeleton Coast’s diverse landscape still offers much to explore.

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Venturing into NamibRand offers experiences that transcend the usual. Engage in intimate bush walks, capturing the essence of the land under the guidance of seasoned experts. Venture on game drives to catch a glimpse of the elusive desert-adapted species, or as night falls, surrender to the wonder of the cosmos with stargazing sessions that reveal the universe’s vastness.

Shipwreck Lodge
Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Conservation Projects

Central to the ethos of NamibRand Private Reserve is its commitment to conservation. Projects such as the Namib Desert Environmental Education Trust (NaDEET) focus on fostering environmental awareness among Namibian youth. Additionally, the Reserve also collaborates with foundations that aim to protect its unique flora and fauna, ensuring a sustainable coexistence.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia

Connectivity and logistics

Reaching NamibRand Private Reserve requires a flight to Windhoek, Namibia’s capital. From there, several charter flights operate directly to the reserve. Alternatively, visitors can embark on a scenic drive, crossing undulating landscapes and experiencing Namibia’s vastness en route.

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