Linyanti Ebony Camp

Linyanti Ebony Camp is a masterfully constructed sanctuary offering a curated blend of intimacy and adventure

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What makes the camp especially compelling is its suite of distinct experiences. Adventurers have the latitude to explore the multitude of habitats surrounding the camp. Whether by foot on a walking safari or propelled through the waters by a mokoro, a traditional dugout canoe, guests can probe the intricacies of the region’s ecology. Customized 4WD safaris, both during the day and at night, provide a further expansion of this exploratory repertoire.

The camp’s geographical placement is a strategic forte. The Linyanti area’s complex topography of wet and dry landscapes serves as a magnet for a diverse collection of wildlife. You’ll find the riverside thickets frequented by elephants, whereas leopards and lions often roam the woodlands and plains. Notably, the Linyanti River becomes a critical resource for wildlife from May to October, Botswana’s dry season, providing guests with increased chances of witnessing a vast array of fauna.

Linyanti Ebony Camp, Botswana

Guest Rooms

Each of the four tents at Linyanti Ebony Camp offers a personal sanctuary equipped with an assortment of comfort amenities such as twin or double beds, writing desks, and tea/coffee stations. The tents also feature private viewing decks that enhance the wildlife observation experience. The design fuses simplicity with elegance, maintaining a tasteful balance that caters to contemporary tastes without sacrificing authenticity.

Linyanti Ebony Camp, Botswana


Guests at Linyanti Ebony Camp can engage in a wide array of activities tailored to their adventurous spirit. Whether taking a 4WD Safari through the reserve, navigating the waters on boat trips, or engaging in tranquil fishing expeditions, the camp offers something for everyone. Moreover, walking safaris and mokoro trips offer a more tactile interaction with the environment. Night drives offer the thrilling possibility of observing nocturnal wildlife.

Linyanti Ebony Camp, Botswana

Conservation and Sustainability

Linyanti Ebony Camp is an advocate for sustainable practices and contributes to several conservation initiatives. It partners with local communities for resource management and wildlife protection, ensuring that tourism has a minimal impact on the natural ecosystem. While specifics are proprietary, it is an establishment deeply committed to responsible tourism.

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