King’s Pool

Pure luxury in Botswana’s celebrated Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, complemented by meticulous attention to detail and ecological responsibility

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For the adventurous, King’s Pool Camp offers a roster of activities that goes beyond the expected. The locale’s ecology sets the stage for wildlife photography, specializing in raptors and aquatic birds due to its proximity to the Kings Pool Lagoon. The camp also offers opportunities for nocturnal wildlife viewing, capitalizing on its remote location to offer celestial stargazing, unmarred by light pollution. These experiences are in addition to the traditional game drives, and all are conducted under the guidance of professional safari guides, each with years of expertise in Linyanti’s unique biosphere.

King’s Pool Camp has mastered the fine art of delivering a tailored safari experience. Each guest’s itinerary can be customized to their interests, whether that involves in-depth exploration of the local flora and fauna, specialized wildlife photography sessions, or guided cultural tours to nearby villages. This level of customization ensures that the experience resonates on a personal level, allowing guests to immerize themselves in facets of the African wilderness that they find most compelling. While some camps may offer a standard array of activities, King’s Pool distinguishes itself by proactively shaping an individualized journey for each guest, curated by some of the most experienced staff in the Botswana safari circuit.

King's Pool Camp, Botswana
King's Pool Camp, Botswana

Guest Rooms

Each of the nine luxury suites at King’s Pool Camp provides the quintessential safari lodging experience. Floor-to-ceiling mesh windows allow an unobstructed view of the natural surroundings, while features like the plunge pool and the outdoor lounge add a touch of modern comfort. The design elements are rooted in both form and function, enhancing the visual appeal while ensuring a restful stay.

King's Pool Camp, Botswana


Activities at King’s Pool Camp include the staple 4WD Safari through diverse landscapes, boating trips on the serene Linyanti waterways, and fishing expeditions in well-stocked ponds. Additional experiences include walking safaris that allow an intimate connection with the land, traditional Mokoro (dugout canoe) trips, and night drives for an entirely different wildlife perspective.

King's Pool Camp, Botswana

Conservation and Sustainability

King’s Pool Camp operates under a comprehensive sustainability model, participating in initiatives such as the Botswana Predator Conservation Program. Emphasis is placed on community involvement and education, as well as projects aimed at preserving the unique flora and fauna of the Linyanti region.

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