Elephant Watch Camp

A true icon of Kenyan safari, Elephant Watch Camp is a camp that offers a personal and immersive experience in Samburu.

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Guiding at Elephant Watch Camp is an experience in itself. The guides, often from the local Samburu community, are experts in elephant behavior and the local ecosystem. Their insights provide guests with a profound understanding of the wildlife and the environment.

Staying at Elephant Watch Camp is more than a luxurious retreat; it’s an emotional journey that connects you with nature. The warmth of the staff, the connection with the local community, and the intimate encounters with wildlife create a sense of belonging that transcends a typical safari experience.

Elephant Watch Camp, Kenya
Elephant Watch Camp, Kenya

Guest Rooms

The guest rooms at Elephant Watch Camp are designed to provide comfort without compromising the natural feel. Each of the six tents is decorated with vibrant colors and handcrafted furniture, reflecting the local Samburu art. En-suite bathrooms with open-air showers add to the exotic experience, ensuring a stay that is both luxurious and in harmony with nature.

Elephant Watch Camp, Kenya


Activities at Elephant Watch Camp are tailored to provide an immersive safari experience. Guests can enjoy guided elephant-watching tours, bush walks with experienced Samburu guides, and bird-watching excursions. Evening sundowners by the river and cultural visits to local Samburu villages add to the richness of the experience, making each day at the camp a new adventure.

Elephant Watch Camp, Kenya

Conservation and Sustainability

Elephant Watch Camp is deeply committed to conservation and sustainability. It actively supports the Save the Elephants project and the Samburu community’s initiatives. The camp’s operations are designed to minimize environmental impact, including the use of solar energy and responsible waste management. By staying at Elephant Watch Camp, guests contribute directly to these vital conservation efforts.

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