Kitich Camp

Amidst the Matthews Range, Kitich Camp offers an engagement with Kenya’s forested areas that few can match

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The transition of Kitich Camp’s stewardship is a story of passion intertwined with conservation. Originally the vision of explorer Miles Burton, the camp was later acquired by Giulio Bertolli, whose namesake olive oil empire speaks to a legacy of quality and respect for natural heritage. Their custodianship embodies a profound respect for this land, ensuring its preservation and continuity.

Kitich Camp’s charm is further magnified by its contrasting setting. Unlike the more familiar expanses of the savannah, the camp is enshrouded by forest, providing guests with an alternate narrative to the typical safari. The availability of camel-assisted fly-camping enables intrepid visitors to delve deeper into the realms of the Matthews Range, offering an authentic journey back to nature’s basics.

Kitich Camp, Kenya
Kitich Camp, Kenya

Guest Rooms

Within the haven of Kitich Camp, six luxury tents await, each offering solace on the banks of the Ngeng River. Crafted in classic safari style, the tents are a sophisticated balance of comfort and eco-conscious design, utilizing solar power for 24-hour lighting and showcasing locally-inspired furnishings, all constructed to ensure minimal environmental impact while maximizing guest comfort.

Kitich Camp, Kenya


Kitich Camp’s activity portfolio is curated to engage guests with the environment and the culture of the local Samburu and Ndorobo people. Guided walks through the forest introduce the area’s flora and fauna, while cultural visits provide insights into the traditions and practices of the indigenous communities. The camp also offers opportunities for nocturnal wildlife viewing, leveraging the natural behavioral patterns of the local animal population. These experiences are designed to be educational and insightful, providing guests with a deeper understanding of the Matthews Range ecosystem.

Kitich Camp, Kenya

Conservation and Sustainability

The ethos of Kitich Camp is deeply rooted in conservation. Resting on National Forestry Land and part of the broader Northern Rangelands Trust’s conservation effort, Kitich is a key player in sustainable regional development. Its partnership with the Ngilai Community Conservancy signifies a commitment to conservation that extends beyond mere tourism, encompassing community empowerment and ecosystem management.

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