Maasai Mara

As a premier destination for luxury African safaris, Maasai Mara in Kenya consistently exceeds expectations with its extraordinary wildlife and flora

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A distinctive feature that enhances the Maasai Mara’s appeal is its private conservancy model. Adjacent to the main reserve, these privately managed conservancies function on land leased from the Maasai community. The model offers visitors a superior, less crowded experience by imposing limitations on guest numbers and vehicle movements. This allows for more personalized wildlife encounters and facilitates specialized activities such as night drives and walking safaris, which are often not permissible in the main reserve. Importantly, these conservancies serve as buffer zones that alleviate the impact of tourism on the primary reserve, thus playing a valuable role in broader conservation initiatives.

The Maasai people, deeply intertwined with the ecosystem of the Maasai Mara for centuries, significantly contribute to the region’s cultural richness. A journey to the Maasai Mara transcends typical wildlife encounters, offering a profound insight into a culture anchored in tradition and a historically symbiotic relationship with nature. Currently, the Maasai community is actively engaging in modernizing their grazing practices. This evolution reflects their ongoing commitment to sustainable living and conservation. Their involvement with community conservancies is noteworthy, as these conservancies are at the forefront of innovative conservation strategies. These initiatives are designed to expand the protected areas, ensuring the longevity and health of the ecosystem while providing income for the Maasai people. This collaborative approach adds a meaningful dimension to the visitor experience, highlighting the dynamic balance between cultural preservation and environmental stewardship.

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Best Time To Visit: Maasai Mara

Visiting Maasai Mara is advisable during the dry period from July to October, coinciding with the height of the Great Migration and frequent wildlife sightings. However, the reserve remains a suitable destination throughout the year, with wetter periods between November and June offering a lush landscape and a wide range of bird species, although in the event of heavy rainfall there can be issues of accessibility in some areas.

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For those seeking a more involved experience, Maasai Mara offers specialized activities. Night drives offer a rare glimpse into the nocturnal behaviors of wildlife, and walking safaris, led by knowledgeable guides, allow for close observation of the ecosystem. Hot air balloon safaris offer an expansive aerial view of the terrain.

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Conservation Projects

A number of conservation projects function within and around Maasai Mara, focusing on sustaining the delicate ecosystem and safeguarding its significant wildlife. Among these are the Mara Elephant Project and Mara Predator Conservation Programme, which emphasize habitat preservation, anti-poaching, and community-driven conservation.


Connectivity and logistics

Access to the Maasai Mara is facilitated through Nairobi’s Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or Wilson Airport, both of which have multiple daily flights to the reserve. Alternatively, a road transfer, taking around 5 to 6 hours, is available. Upon arrival, high-end lodges and camps provide specialized transportation services for the convenience of visitors.

Kicheche Mara

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