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Few experiences can bring every generation of a family together like an African safari can. Time shared around the campfire, learning to read natures signals from experienced guides and seeing your first wildlife sightings on a game drive are just some of the moments from which the fondest of memories are formed.

To effectively plan a safari that meets every member of the family’s interests it is important to understand the motivations of each and every person within the travelling party. As part of the planning process before the journey, we’ll discuss with you and your family your individual and shared interests to ensure all are catered for during the safari.

Arguably, the single most important element is your safari guide. At Fitzroy we work with a number of specialist private guides for whom guiding families is their passion. To recall and share the fascination of the wilderness as seen from a younger perspective, is a unique skill indeed.

Your guide will endeavour to highlight and seek out the experiences and wildlife we know are important and of most interest to you.

Our aim is to connect you with the natural and wild as and when appropriate, while ensuring you enjoy all the comfort and luxury needed when it matters. The thoughtful combination of private houses, lightweight camps and a wide variety of activities is key to applying our experience appropriately.

Across a number of our destinations there are a selection of exclusive-use houses located in fully private conservancies. he additional space and privacy of these properties make them the ideal retreat for families. In particular, when combined with time spent under canvas in a simpler camp, the trappings afforded by these private properties provide a welcome additional level of comfort.

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Offline planning

When it comes to planning the perfect safari for you, we feel that this is best done in person where possible. In doing so we are able to discuss your journey in more detail, fully understand your reasons for wanting to visit Africa, and allows us to better illustrate the full range of opportunities available to you.

Should you wish, we would be happy to travel to a location convenient to you and to plan your journey in person.

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