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By Foot and Horseback through Kenya

This active Kenyan safari starts at Borana Lodge with horseback riding for a unique wildlife view. It then progresses to the Matthews Ranges for guided hikes with Samburu trackers, deepening the connection with nature and local ecosystems. This journey offers an immersive experience beyond typical safaris.

The safari continues to Maasai Mara for game drives and walking safaris in the Naboisho Conservancy, followed by a cultural trek in the Loita Hills with Maasai guides. This expedition offers a blend of wildlife exploration and cultural insights, ideal for active travelers seeking to delve deeper into Kenya’s natural and cultural wonders.

Daily Summary

Day 1

Nairobi Arrival

Upon arrival in Nairobi, you will be welcomed and assisted through immigration and baggage retrieval. A private driver will then escort you to your hotel, setting the stage for your Kenyan journey.

  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Manzili House

Day 2

Nairobi to Borana

Your day begins with a morning flight from Nairobi Wilson to Lewa Downs. Upon landing, a personal guide and driver will greet you, leading to Borana Lodge, your residence in the Borana Conservancy. Nestled at 6,500 feet near Mt Kenya, the 32,000-acre conservancy offers a diverse landscape, rich in wildlife, straddling lush foothills and arid northern terrains.

  • Privately Guided
  • Fully Inclusive
  • Borana Lodge

Day 3

Horseback Safari at Borana

Explore Borana Conservancy’s diverse terrain on horseback, a tradition initiated by the Dyer family. Suitable for all skill levels, including children, the conservancy offers two stables: one for advanced riders and another for beginners. Choose from a range of horse breeds, such as thoroughbreds and Somali ponies, to experience an intimate wildlife encounter.

  • Privately Guided
  • Fully Inclusive
  • Borana Lodge

Day 5

Travel to Matthews Ranges

Embark on a scenic four-hour road journey to the Matthews Ranges. Upon arrival, your Samburu guide team will welcome you and assist with settling into camp. They will also introduce you to various trail options, setting the scene for your four-night exploration in this captivating region.

  • Privately Guided
  • Fully Inclusive
  • Kitich Camp

Day 6

Matthews Ranges Hiking Expedition

Experience the Matthews Ranges authentically with guided hikes led by knowledgeable Samburu trackers. Immerse yourself in nature, walking through diverse woodlands and dry riverbeds. This journey emphasizes a profound connection with the environment, enhanced by lightweight camping in the wilderness, offering an in-depth exploration of local flora and fauna.

  • Privately Guided
  • Fully Inclusive
  • Private Mobile Camp

Day 9

South to Maasai Mara (Naboisho)

Your journey continues as you depart from Kitich Camp at 0800hrs for Kalama airstrip. Board a light aircraft flight around 0930hrs to Maasai Mara. Upon arrival, your driver will greet you for a game drive en route to the camp, ensuring you arrive in time for lunch amidst the Mara’s captivating landscape.

  • Privately Guided
  • Fully Inclusive
  • Kicheche Valley

Day 10

Naboisho Conservancy

Explore the Naboisho Conservancy, adjacent to the Maasai Mara National Reserve. This community-led initiative focuses on wildlife conservation, habitat protection, and enhancing local livelihoods. Witness the positive impact of this project firsthand. Your stay includes game drives, walking safaris, and night drives, offering diverse perspectives of this dynamic ecosystem.

  • Privately Guided
  • Fully Inclusive
  • Kicheche Valley

Day 12

Journey to Loita Hills

Your day begins with a four-hour drive eastward to the Loita Hills. Upon arrival, you’ll meet your Maasai guides and their donkeys, your companions for a three-day trek through this culturally rich and scenic region.

Day 13

Loita Hills Trek with the Maasai

Immerse yourself in the Maasai culture with a three-day hiking experience in the Loita Hills. Accompanied by local Maasai guides, these trails offer a unique insight into their enduring traditions and deep connection with the land. This journey on foot allows for an authentic exploration of this remote and culturally rich area.

Day 14

Depart Nairobi

Returning by road to Nairobi, the drive from Loita Hills should take you around four hours. Upon arrival into Nairobi we will make sure there is a vehicle available for you until your departure and we will handle dinner reservations should time permit before your international flight.

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