Each year we operate a selection of small group expeditions to remote corners of Africa. Groups are kept deliberately small, limited at 8 guests per expedition. This is done for the both the group’s dynamic, and for the benefit of the areas we visit. Quite simply, it is impossible to travel lightly en-masse.

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Journeys of discovery

We have created these specific journeys for their uniqueness, for what they can offer us as travellers, and for what we ourselves can offer them as guests. These have been created firstly as a response to the growing number of travellers seeking a shared experience while travelling, but equally as an antidote to the increasingly formulaic offerings found elsewhere.

Any interactions we have with local cultures are done so strictly on their terms, any time spent in wilderness areas must benefit its survival.

It is important to note that these expeditions are not for everyone, and may include simple lightweight camps, with rudimentary facilities. The itineraries themselves may need to alter as we see necessary. These are not orchestrated tours with one following another, but journeys to remote areas where we will need to respond appropriately.

Offline planning

Whilst the benefit of the internet is hard to overstate, when it comes to planning the perfect journey we feel that a more personal approach is still best. By taking this approach we are able to discuss your journey in more detail, fully understand your reasons for wanting to travel, and allow us to better illustrate the full range of opportunities available to you.

As such please do schedule a call with us or if possible meet in person, as these remain the best way to plan your perfect adventure.

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On Your Terms

We create bespoke private journeys as unique as your interests and personal tastes



Get under the skin of the destination with carefully-selected, experienced local guides and experts


Exclusive Service

By limiting our clients to 150 per year, we ensure a level of service and attention that would not be possible otherwise

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