Isolated from typical tourist routes, Kanana guests witness a version of the Okavango few get to see

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Built on raised teak decks, the structures provide unhindered views across the waterways. The refurbishments made in 2019 further ensured that rooms aren’t merely spaces to rest but become essential parts of the delta experience, enhancing it with comfort, fresh aesthetics, and a seamless connection to the outdoors.

The Pom Pom Concession’s exclusivity is critical to the Kanana experience. This isolation ensures that game drives and excursions are personal and exclusive. Given that this region has a rich and varied ecosystem—ranging from riverine forests to open plains and wetlands—it is no surprise that it consistently ranks high in wildlife sightings.

Kanana Camp, Okavango Delta
Kanana Camp, Okavango Delta

Guest Rooms

Kanana houses eight meticulously designed tented rooms. Perched on raised teak decks, they offer panoramic views of the meandering waterways. Refreshed in 2019, these spacious abodes showcase decor influenced by the natural beauty of the Okavango Delta. With careful spacing between each, guests are assured both privacy and proximity to the central dining and lounge spaces.

Kanana Camp, Okavango Delta


Kanana’s activity roster promises both variety and depth. Beyond the classic game drives during dawn and dusk, visitors can traverse the pristine waters by mokoro or powerboat. The area is a haven for bird enthusiasts, especially during the summer months. For a distinctive experience, guests can opt for a sleep-out overlooking a lively pan or soar over the Delta to the Tsodillo Hills in a helicopter, offering a bird’s-eye view of this majestic wilderness.

Kanana Camp, Okavango Delta

Connectivity and sustainability

Kanana is deeply committed to responsible tourism. A shining example is their partnership with Bana Ba Letsatsi, a non-profit supporting over 250 at-risk children and youths in the area. This center offers essential services like food, education, and medical aid and provides a nurturing environment for these vulnerable individuals to thrive.

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