The Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta, a mosaic of channels, lagoons, and islands, is a geographical masterpiece among the sands of The Kalahari.

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The delta’s intricate network is maintained by keystone species such as hippo, termite and elephant. Channels weave through papyrus swamps, linking lagoons and islands, forming patterns that dance with the season’s rhythm. The myriad ecosystems birthed by these watercourses cater to diverse life forms, from the iconic African elephant to the elusive sitatunga. Majestic predators, like the lion and leopard, roam freely, while the vibrant birdlife offer interest to those looking beyond the mammalian residents.

Geologically, the Okavango sits atop a tectonic trough in the central part of the endorheic basin of the Kalahari, making it an exception in the largely arid environment. Historically, indigenous San and Bayei tribes have coexisted with this land, their way of life intricately interwoven with its rhythm. As you traverse this region, every sight, sound, and scent envelops you in an intimate embrace, offering glimpses of the past, nuances of the terrain, and the pulse of the ever-thriving wildlife.

Hippo, Okavango Delta

Best Time To Visit: The Okavango Delta

Between June and August, the floodwaters rejuvenate the Okavango, making it an irresistible attraction to the region’s animals . Wildlife congregates around the delta, offering unparalleled sightings. However, other seasons offer their own attraction. The months of April to May beckon photographers as the delta teems with young animals and the landscapes burst with vibrant hues, offering exquisite photographic opportunities. The emerald months between November and March attract bird enthusiasts, while the transitionary periods promise the spectacle of migrating herds.

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Glide silently on the waters in a mokoro or feel the pulse of the land on walking safaris. Push the envelope with fly camping under the stars or navigate the night with nocturnal drives, revealing the delta’s secretive inhabitants. The thrill-seeking spirit may soar above in a helicopter safari or gallop alongside nature on horseback, capturing the vastness of the delta from unique vantage points.

Pelo Camp
Okavango Delta

Conservation Projects

Protecting the Okavango’s ecosystem is paramount. Initiatives such as the Okavango Wilderness Project focus on researching and preserving this habitat, while the African Wildlife Foundation engages with local communities, promoting harmonious living and wildlife conservation. The Botswana Predator Conservation Trust also plays a significant role, emphasizing the preservation of predator species within the delta.


Connectivity and logistics

Reaching the Okavango Delta involves flying into Maun, Botswana’s primary gateway to this sanctuary. From here, light aircraft transfers ferry visitors to various camps and lodges across the delta, ensuring an aerial preview of the mesmerizing landscape that awaits. Efficient and scenic, this approach is integral to the Okavango experience.

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