Selinda Reserve

Between the Okavango and Linyanti water systems, Selinda Concession is a vital 1,350 square kilometers of Botswana’s pristine wilderness.

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Ancient migratory routes for both humans and animals run through this territory. Indigenous San Bushmen, Botswana’s first inhabitants, have tales interwoven with this land, painting their stories in rock art.

The wildlife of Selinda, from lion prides to the resident pack of wild dogs, is emblematic of the area’s robust biodiversity. Birds, including the carmine bee-eaters, martial eagles, and wattled crane, add splashes of color and drama to the skies. The plant life, marked by cyclical resurrection and decay, with termite mounds gradually becoming tree-laden islands, embodies the rhythm of nature – a dance of life in the midst of flooding and drought.

Best Time To Visit: Selinda Reserve

The best time to visit Selinda Reserve is generally in the winter months, which see the peak of wildlife concentrations in the area. This period sees animals migrating from arid zones, enhancing game viewing prospects. However, the summer’s rains, apart from ushering in a burst of green, lure birdwatchers and photographers with vibrant avian spectacles and dramatic landscapes although much of the wildlife can often disperse at this time.

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At Selinda, experiences are varied. Traverse the waters in a mokoro, observing the life here in almost total silence. Traditional game drives introduce the land’s inhabitants while fishing for the formidable tiger fish tests one’s mettle. For those seeking a more intimate connection with nature, fly camping provides a nocturnal symphony under the stars. Night drives unveil the secretive nocturnal world, and for an elevated perspective, helicopter safaris provide breathtaking panoramas.

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Conservation Projects

Within and around Selinda Concession, dedicated conservation initiatives such as the Great Plains Conservation play pivotal roles in preserving both flora and fauna. Emphasizing harmonious co-existence, these projects bolster wildlife corridors, support anti-poaching efforts, and are instrumental in preserving the resident wild dog populations, a signature species of Selinda.


Connectivity and logistics

Reaching Selinda Concession is both convenient and scenic. From either Maun or Kasane, it’s a mere hour’s flight, descending to an airstrip positioned strategically between the Zarafa and Selinda camps, offering guests a swift transition to the heart of this vibrant area.

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