San Camp

A luxurious yet minimalist retreat in the heart of the Makgadikgadi Pans and one of the most unique camps in Africa

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San Camp’s location yields more than just arresting vistas of the Ntwetwe Pan; it places guests at a unique juncture where the expanse of the Makgadikgadi Pans meets the detailed craftsmanship of desert-adapted architecture. The sweeping views of the arid landscape are framed through hand-stitched canvas, creating a lens through which to appreciate the sparse and endless horizon. This perspective allows guests to grasp the region’s geological and historical significance—from its formation as a prehistoric super-lake to its current role as a vital yet often-overlooked ecosystem.

San Camp offers a distinct departure from the typical ‘Big Five’ focus prevalent in African safaris. Here, the emphasis shifts to the lesser-recognized but equally fascinating desert-adapted species like the brown hyaena, aardvark, and meerkat. This strategic orientation allows guests to delve into the subtleties of an arid ecosystem, observing how specialized organisms adapt and thrive in these challenging conditions. The experience serves not just as a footnote but as a vital chapter in the broader narrative of the African safari, challenging conventional viewpoints and expanding one’s ecological literacy.

San Camp, Botswana
San Camp, Botswana

Guest Rooms

San Camp hosts a collection of just seven sophisticated solar-powered rooms, one of which is a family tent with adjoining rooms. These luxury tents, with breathtaking views over the pan, transport guests back to a bygone era without compromising on contemporary comforts. Features like outdoor day beds and crisp bed linen ensure that guests experience both the wild’s adventure and the sanctuary’s solace.

San Camp, Botswana


San Camp boasts a diverse offering of activities designed to bring guests closer to the magic of Makgadikgadi Pans. Embark on thrilling game drives within the National Park, seek out nocturnal desert wildlife on night drives, or feel the wind against your skin during horse-riding expeditions. For the intrepid, the quad bike sleepout to Tubu Island offers an unparalleled adventure, while helicopter flights provide a bird’s eye view of this spectacular region.

San Camp, Botswana

Conservation and Sustainability

San Camp’s commitment to the environment and local communities is exemplary. Deeply rooted in its alliance with the San Bushmen, the camp focuses on preserving the rich culture of this indigenous group. Through sustainable practices and by prioritizing local engagements, San Camp conserves not only the environment but also the age-old traditions of the very people it is named after.

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