Home to one of nature’s great marvels, The Okavango Delta, and some of the finest wildlife viewing in Africa

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Botswana is revered for pioneering a model of tourism focused on conservation and sustainability, rather than volume. This approach ensures that wildlife habitats remain less affected while affording visitors an intimate, uncluttered experience. It’s a calculated model that makes Botswana one of Africa’s premier safari destinations. Geographically, Botswana occupies a niche space. Situated inland, it serves as a buffer of sorts between the savannahs to the north and the deserts to the south, thus playing a unique role in Africa’s geological and ecological spectrum. The bedrock formed by ancient rifts and tectonic activities further enhances its geographical intrigue.

However, Botswana’s story isn’t solely ecological—it’s deeply human. The Khoisan, indigenous peoples with ancestral ties to the region, offer a sobering counterpoint to the nation’s luxury safari narrative. These communities have faced forced removals from their lands, replaced by mining or conservation efforts. It’s an issue that the industry prefers not to discuss, but awareness and ethical conversations are long overdue.

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Best time to visit Botswana

Botswana’s distinct seasons significantly influence the visitor’s experience. The dry months from May to October are optimal for wildlife viewing, particularly in the Okavango Delta. However, the rainy season from November to April offers its own merits: lush landscapes and abundant birdlife, affording a different yet fulfilling spectacle.

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