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Since Fitzroy Travel was founded, our aim has been to connect curious travellers with the best local specialists, to offer unique and compelling journeys for a handful of clients who seek to elevate their experience beyond the ordinary.

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Paul Callcutt

Paul Callcutt

Managing Director

Having travelled and worked extensively as a guide throughout Africa and South America, Paul’s story begins whilst living in Zambia as a teenager, where the seed for Fitzroy was planted.

During this time, Paul was asked to join a team of conservationists tasked with the total renovation of a then crumbling wildlife centre. It was whilst being part of this project, that the benefits of well managed tourism facilities became clear. Connections formed here, led to further opportunities, such as the opportunity to join a team monitoring wildlife populations in Kafue National Park, living in a simple tented camp for months at a time in the heart of the national park.

Following the years spent in Zambia, Paul travelled to South America to guide expeditions through the mountains of Patagonia, the altiplano of Bolivia and notably, Peru’s Cordillera Blanca. It was here that Paul was tasked with reopening, both materially and operationally of a mountain lodge high in The Andes mountains. Recruiting exclusively from the local Quechua people, a new team was formed, many of whom have gone on to forge strong careers in the tourism industry.

Now Paul divides his time between the UK and on the road, guiding clients on request, or to research new regions to develop intriguing itineraries in destinations well known to us.




Carina Hibbitt

Carina Hibbitt

Destination Specialist

Vastly experienced within the travel industry, Carina brings a wealth of knowledge to the team and has been seeking out the finest travel experiences in Africa for over twenty years.

From working on the ground at South Africa's Shamwari Game Reserve, to advising a number of specialist operators both in South Africa and here in the UK, Carina has seen the industry from every angle.

We are delighted to have Carina on board at Fitzroy, where she is on hand to apply her experience in designing travel experiences and to ensure that our clients have access to the true breadth of what is available throughout Africa.



Jon Spinks

Jon Spinks

Systems Engineer

Possessing a fanatical attention to detail when regarding systems architecture and problem solving, his presence ensures that the rest of the team are able to work efficiently and effectively.

With a fixation and dedication to all things technical, Jon performs a vital function in ensuring that the technical side of Fitzroy operates smoothly. From the website to booking forms and back-office systems to mobile solutions, if we don’t understand it, Jon probably deals with it.

Much more than just a technology expert, Jon travelled with Paul many years ago, through Tanzania to Malawi. As part of a team transporting 4wd vehicles from the port in Dar es Salaam to the border of Malawi where they were needed for a research project.


Our Philosophy

At Fitzroy Travel we pride ourselves on being completely independent. We offer our clients fully immersive travel experiences to some of Africa’s most remote areas. We have no interest in mass tourism and are passionate about pursuing a style of travel that takes our clients into worlds they may have otherwise only imagined.

Our goal is to provide genuine, enriching experiences that allow our clients to connect with regions and their local communities in a way that is not possible through traditional mass tourism. We believe in empowering these communities to invite guests into their world on their own terms, rather than exploiting them as products. As a result, you will never find any “cultural shows” or degrading performances of indigenous lifestyles in our itineraries.

We see the people and places we visit as partners, not products, and strive to create mutually beneficial relationships that enhance the experience of both our clients and the local communities.

Our Commitment

We are committed to ensuring our presence is a positive one, acting as a bridge to foster cross-cultural understanding rather than a source of entertainment.

As a result, we build lasting relationships with our clients, for whom travel has a deeper meaning than just a holiday, that span many years and multiple journeys. As we continue to develop a deeper understanding of your particular interests and what drives your desire to explore, we are able to offer experiences to match your expectations. In our opinion, “There is no ‘best’, only the most suitable.”

Luxury where necessary, wild where appropriate

Wild Luxury – we travel to far-flung places to escape, explore and embrace the sense of adventure while keeping hold of a few home comforts. At the same time, we are conscious to ensure that we do not disconnect from the very reason we have come in the first place. We encourage our clients to blend the finest comforts available whilst at the same time pushing what they may feel are their boundaries in order to forge a deeper connection with the areas they visit.

Sustainable tourism

With the world’s wild spaces and indigenous cultures under threat, their inherent value has never been greater. By connecting our clients with these people and ecosystems on a deeper and more personal level the benefits are increasingly clear. The effective management and delicate implementation of tourism along with close cooperation with likeminded partners on the ground can help to ensure the long-term sustainability of our remaining wilderness areas and cultures threatened by the ever-encroaching modern world.

The here and now

For most journeys, travellers are focused on arriving straight to the wildlife regions, or historical sites, often ignoring the modern side to a country that is right under their noses. In the capital city whilst this is of course understandable, wildlife and history will be the driving force behind many a journey. At the same time, we believe that there is much to interest the curious traveller by exploring contemporary culture, a younger more vibrant side of a destination that promotes a positive image. Film makers in Kampala, jazz clubs in Addis Ababa, street artists of Nairobi to name just a few. Doing so rewards those willing to explore beyond the trodden routes. The world is full of surprises.