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Our bespoke service enables our clients to access the wild frontiers of Africa with our carefully selected guides, camps and lodges. We only work with a handful of clients at any one time, ensuring our clients receive the most personalised service possible.

By applying our experience and utilising our contacts we will ensure our clients have access to the very best specialists and guides, professionals with whom we’ve built relationships with over many years. In addition to wildlife guides we encourage spending time with our network of anthropologists, journalists, historians and lecturers who can offer incredibly, detailed insights enabling you to forge a deeper understanding of where you are travelling.

Every element on your journey will be thoughtfully selected to suit your personal requirements – from the guides and camps through to the transportation and logistical planning. By combining these elements correctly we can ensure your journey is of nothing but the highest of standards.

As a result, we build lasting relationships with our clients, for whom visiting Africa has become more than just a holiday, that span many years and many trips, as we come to understand your particular interests, what drives your desire to visit Africa and in doing so we tailor experiences to match your expectations. In our opinion, “There is no ‘best’, only the most suitable.”

Why Choose Us?

On Your Terms

We create bespoke private journeys as unique as your interests and personal tastes


Get under the skin of the destination with carefully-selected, experienced local guides and experts


By limiting our clients to 150 per year, we ensure a level of service and attention that would not be possible otherwise

What we believe

Wild Luxury – we travel to far flung places to escape and feel adventure while keeping hold of a few home comforts. However, it’s possible with a little too much luxury to lose the reason you’ve come in the first place. Our aim is to keep your accommodation comfortable while stripping it back enough: “Luxury where necessary, wild where appropriate”

Sustainable Tourism – with the world’s wild spaces under threat, their inherent value has never been greater. By connecting our clients with these ecosystems on a deeper and more personal level the benefits are increasingly clear. The effective management and delicate implementation of tourism along with close cooperation with like minded partners on the ground can help to ensure the long term sustainability of national parks and privately managed conservation areas.

The here and now – for most journeys in Africa, guests are focused on arriving straight to the wildlife regions, or historical sites, seemingly fixated on a side of Africa that has little do with the Africa of today. Whilst this of course understandable, wildlife and history will be the driving force behind many a trip to Africa. At the same time, we believe that there is much to interest the curious traveller by exploring contemporary Africa, a younger more vibrant side of the continent that promotes a positive image. It is by exploring Africa’s capital cities that this can be felt most. Film makers in Kampala, jazz clubs in Addis Ababa, street artists of Nairobi to name just a few. For those willing to explore beyond the trodden routes, this is a continent with plenty of surprises.

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