Exclusive Journeys to Africa

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Our safaris exemplify the qualities of modern adventure travel – remote, exclusive and seamless.


Why Choose Fitzroy

Exclusive Journeys and Select Departures to Remote Corners of Africa.

We specialise in providing curious travellers with access to regions and communities that would otherwise prove challenging.

We are committed to offering unique travel opportunities, to unusual destinations, that are mutually beneficial to all involved.

Credit – Tawi Lodge

Private Safaris Tailor Made
Navigating Access To Challenging Destinations

Fitzroy are true specialists in accessing the wilderness. They know where to go and importantly, when to go there. Highly recommended

Ed Charles

Bafta & Emmy award winning film producer of BBC’s Planet Earth 2 and A Perfect Planet

Ed Charles

Why Choose Fitzroy?

Fitzroy’s distinction is rooted in our independence, unbound by external shareholders or corporate groups, ensuring our dedication to crafting bespoke experiences that align precisely with our clients’ unique preferences.

This focus on individualization is matched by our commitment to nurturing relationships with local partners. These enduring connections, some lasting decades, are pivotal in facilitating authentic, insightful African journeys that deeply resonate with our clientele.

Remote Locations
Kichaka Expeditions, Ruaha National Park
Kichaka Expeditions
Wildlife Encounters
Angama Safari Camp
Exclusive Access

Our Approach

Remote, Exclusive, Seamless

At Fitzroy, we emphasize personal interactions and a bespoke service from start to finish, valuing traditional engagement methods over digital communication. As primarily an offline business, we focus on face-to-face and telephone consultations to provide tailored guidance based on your unique interests.

We invite you to contact us for a meeting or telephone conversation, allowing us to understand and craft your travel plans to meet your specific expectations and preferences.

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