A deep appreciation for Africa, the desire to create bespoke journeys through the wildest continent of them all, and the realisation that every travel experience should promote the values at the core of responsible tourism are what lead to Fitzroy Travel.

We are completely independent, currently operating seamless journeys across nine destinations in Africa. No two experiences will ever be the same, we have no interest in operating mass tourism and there are no set itineraries. You can be sure that your journey is as important to us as it is to you.

By applying our expertise, knowledge and hand-picked contacts, we’re able to unlock the most remote and unique regions of Africa. All plans are, we hope you agree, best made in person. As such we would encourage a consultation in person, away from our computers and in front of a map, allowing us to truly showcase the breadth of options available.

Offline planning

When it comes to planning the perfect safari for you, we feel that this is best done in person where possible. In doing so we are able to discuss your journey in more detail, fully understand your reasons for wanting to visit Africa, and allows us to better illustrate the full range of opportunities available to you.

Should you wish, we would be happy to travel to a location convenient to you and to plan your journey in person.

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We create bespoke private journeys as unique as your interests and personal tastes


Get under the skin of the destination with carefully-selected, experienced local guides and experts


By limiting our clients to 150 per year, we ensure a level of service and attention that would not be possible otherwise

Featured Destinations


Ethiopia is a landscape full of unique wildlife and vast beauty and a destination unlike any other. The country from which the story of humanity began is also home to rare species, world-famous trekking and retains much of its ancient customs, traditions and cultural identity making it a historical and natural wonder worth visiting...

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Diamonds brought wealth to Botswana but its forward-thinking governance has pioneered the model for sustainable wildlife tourism. And for good reason, as the country is the place where the giants of the animal kingdom roam freely in one of the last untouched, and best protected, wildernesses famed for its game viewing and luxury...

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Renowned for some of the most magnificent wildlife-watching in Africa, Tanzania – and, in particular, The Serengeti – is understandably one of the best-loved destinations for travellers. Branch out beyond the well-trodden safari routes and its possible to discover the country’s untouched side with more isolated, exclusive wildlife experiences...

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